solar gard

Solar Gard Window Films Maximize Energy Efficiency

Window Film Kansas City is proud to install Solar Gard for Kansas City homes and commercial buildings. Solar Gard is the leading energy-saving window film in the nation. A product inspired by the sustainable efforts of globally renowned company Saint-Gobain, Solar Gard works to improve building energy efficiency and minimize resource consumption. Due to the ability to control the heat in dual climate regions, Solar Gard films make sense for Kansas City’s ranging temperatures and seasonal periods of harsh weather. Solar Gard’s Low-E technology helps to keep warmth in place during the winter while providing a high level of heat reduction during the summer in Kansas City.

Save Up to 30% on Energy Costs and More

Solar Gard allows you to experience a dramatic reduction in your annual energy spendings. Solar Gard films use an innovative design that integrates thin layers of precious metals that reflect heat off of glass surfaces, allowing internal temperatures to stay stable and comfortable. Experience incredible benefits all year round such as:

  • 79% heat rejection
  • 30% energy savings
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 95% glare reduction

The Benefits of Solar Gard Window Film for Kansas City Properties

Solar Gard window film offers specialty energy-saving window film options for reducing energy costs all year-round. Enjoy superior heat rejection and UV protection properties with these incredible ROIs. Solar Gard is a great investment for residential and commercial properties alike.

Residential Solar Gard Window Film for Kansas City Homes

Solar Gard residential films allow you to reduce energy usage in your home while providing a safe, comfortable living environment. Solar Gard films block out UV rays and prevent excess solar heat gain, thereby protecting your family and furniture from overexposure to damaging sunlight. Opt for a dyed or metalized film to enhance your privacy. Or for a neutral appearance, achieve the invisible protection of ULR Low Reflectivity films.

Commercial Solar Gard Window Film for Kansas City Offices and Businesses

Solar Gard films are the preferred choice for many architects and interior designers. Their sleek, modern appearance creates a pleasant aesthetic for both the interior and exterior of your building. If your building is prone to experience prolonged periods of intense sunlight, opt for the solar rejecting power of the Silver series. Or for improved comfort during the winter, choose Low-E Silver AG film.