Window Film Lawrence

Residents love Lawrence Kansas for that city’s extraordinarily beautiful and abundant nature, from the Haskell Baker Wetlands to the Clinton State Park. And they also enjoy the many cultural opportunities this mid-western city affords, such as the Spencer Museum of Art and the well-loved Lawrence Arts Center. Lawrence residents seek opportunities to enhance their quality of life both indoors and out, and that’s one of the reasons Window Film Kansas City is excited to offer our top-performing window film in Lawrence.

When it comes to window films for Lawrence, there are a wide variety of types that each serve a very different purpose. Which type of window film meets your residential or commercial needs? Chances are, we have it in stock! If you’re not sure what you need, let us know and we’ll help you out. We carry a vast selection of options from 3M, LLumar, Vista, and more!

Energy Efficiency Window Film Cuts Costs & Improves Comfort

What is energy efficiency window film? It is our top seller and for good reason. Kansas has cold winters and blazing hot summers. Residents find that a large portion of their energy costs for home or business come from heating and cooling. Energy efficiency window film aims to lower those costs in the simplest and most affordable way. Basically, this film is installed to the interior of any size or shape windows. It will keep the heat inside during the winter, not letting it migrate through the glass. This will keep a building warmer with less output from the furnace. In summer, it blocks heat gain from that hot Kansas sun, keeping a building cooler with less air conditioning.

Energy efficiency window films require no maintenance and will pay for themselves in two or three years with the savings on your energy bills. Then, the savings are all yours for years to come. This product is equally popular among homeowners and business owners, and would even be a great investment for any public building seeking to save money, such as those huge front windows on the aforementioned Lawrence Arts Center.

Other Window Tinting Options for Lawrence and its Suburbs

Depending on your needs, we also offer Lawrence residents the following types of window films:

1. Loss prevention/security window film: prevents burglars or vandals from breaking in through your windows.

2. Privacy/decorative window film: prevents prying eyes from seeing in your windows, glass doors, or glass partitions/walls, and can provide a style upgrade at the same time. This product comes in patterns, frosts, colors, etched glass look, and can even be customized with the name, logo, or sign of a business.

3. Anti-graffiti window film: peel it off, the graffiti goes with it.

4. Bomb blast window film: excellent protection for government buildings or any other buildings that might be the target of an attack.

For the highest quality window films and the most experienced installation in Lawrence, we hope you will contact Window Film Kansas City today.