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A Variety of Window Film Types for Any Application

Window film is the latest innovation taking the world by storm. From enhancing the safety of your home to improving the security of your school or office, there are countless applications for window tinting in Kansas City. Not only is it an economical solution, but also highly versatile and suited for a variety of architectural styles and types of structures. At Window Film Kansas City, we handle projects of all size and complexity. No matter what your goals may be, our team is up to the task. We offer a variety of different window film types, each with it’s own unique benefits.

Explore Options for Security, Energy Savings & More

Decorative film is great for adding accents and character while frosted and privacy films are beneficial to both commercial and residential buildings, due to the privacy features it presents. Security film can be installed both on the interior and exterior of a window which prevents the glass from being broken into. Retail and store owners would benefit from investing in loss prevention film which steers away break in’s and smash and grab raids. Another type of window film that is used on the exterior of buildings and windows is anti-graffiti film. This film can be removed and replaced easily when graffiti is collected on the film.

Bomb blast film is used in airport and government buildings since they prevent flying glass and debris from breaking through the window. Ballistic resistant security film is another specialty security film option that provides resistance against gunfire and other high impact events. Energy-saving solar window films will help with your building or home’s energy costs and will reduce cooling bills by up to 50% in the summer months. All of these window films have a minimum 99% UV protection to prevent any fading on floors, furniture and artwork due to the sun. Daylight redirecting window film helps lower lighting bills while offering exclusive benefits for schools, hospitals, and other commercial properties. Glare reduction window film blocks excessive glare, providing relief for headaches, eye fatigue, squinting, and more.

Residential Window Film Applications

If you’re looking for a solution to the damaging Kansas City heat, window tinting is the perfect solution. Energy-efficient window film can make it easier to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home year-round. This window film comes in tinted and non-tinted options, so you can add some exterior style and interior shade to your home if you so desire. Our solar control window films are designed to help your home maintain it’s energy efficiency, saving customers an average of 60% on their energy bills per year. In addition, all of our window films block 99% of incoming UV radiation from natural sunlight, protecting your wood floors and furniture from fading in the sun.

Safety & Security at Home

If you’re looking to add some serious security to your home without breaking the bank, security window film is the perfect solution. These films bond glass together and prevent shattering due to impact. This film can deter break-ins and robberies, help defend your home in case of a tornado or intense hail storm, and even help stop breakage from accidental impacts such as a stray baseball or a really stupid bird.

Decorative, Privacy & Frosted

In need of an aesthetic upgrade for your glass shower or foyer accent glass? Our decorative window films mirror the look of beautiful frosted glass for a fraction of the price. We offer many different finishes to choose from and countless customization options. No job is too big or too small, so contact the experts at Window Film Kansas City to learn more about all of the great window film products we offer for your home.

Residential Window Film
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Commercial Window Film Applications

Many commercial office buildings are designed with huge windows in order to take advantage of the natural sunlight. This is perfect for lighting however these windows allow heat inside during the summer and heat to escape during the winter. Adding window tinting in Kansas City can help to maintain temperatures in your office or commercial space while also enhancing style, security, and more.

Offices, Hotels & Retail Locations

Beautifying your Kansas City office building, shop, or hotel lobby has never been easier than a simple decorative window film upgrade from Window Film Kansas City. Our designers can work one on one with you to create a completely custom, branded or graphic window film piece that will make your business look a cut above the rest. Our window films are also great for areas in need of added privacy, such as bathrooms, waiting areas and dressing rooms. Or if you’re looking to improve security or comfort, we can help with that as well!

Schools, Public Spaces & Commercial Buildings

Security film is great for businesses in neighborhoods where break-ins and crime are more common, or for more rural areas where natural disasters can cause unpredictable damage to windows and exterior doors. If privacy and energy efficiency are your major concern, then window film is the solution for your business! In addition to commercial buildings, we also offer options for schools, public spaces, and government facilities.

Commercial Window Film