Elevate Your Style with Exterior Building Wrap for your Kansas City Business!

First impressions are formed quickly. It’s important to keep your property’s exterior in good condition. A clean, modern building design can go a long way in helping your business succeed. Exterior building wraps offer Kansas City property owners a convenient solution for making upgrades to a building’s façade without going over budget. Make your windows look like new and enhance your property’s energy efficiency.

exterior film kansas city

An Attractive, Energy Efficient Space

We use energy efficient window film as the foundation for every exterior building wrap. This film helps cut energy costs, improve indoor comfort, and create a uniform, consistent appearance on the exterior. Additionally, if you have a historic building, exterior film is a great option because it helps renew the luster and shine of glass while also concealing chips or microfractures that may have occurred over the years due to Kansas City’s harsh weather.

While many of our customers choose a reflective finish for their exterior window film, there are truly endless possibilities in terms of aesthetics. You can have your window film customized with a certain color tint or even add your business name or logo or a special advertisement.

Endless Options for Custom Designs

Exterior building wraps are easy to customize with vinyl accents. A perforated vinyl film is a standout addition to any office or commercial building and can be used to create custom graphics, messaging, or designs.

A Cost-Minimizing Maintenance Solution

Why buy a new property when you can simply repair your existing one? With exterior building wrap, you can tend to all of your exterior maintenance concerns and save yourself the cost and hassle of moving. Exterior film allows you to easily seal cracks, chips, and other small cosmetic imperfections in your windows. Explore options from leading brands like 3M, LLumar, HDClear, and more!