The suns UV rays can damage skin causing health problems as extreme as skin cancer. These same UV rays can cause wood floors, furniture, draperies, as well as expensive art to fade over time. This can make your home look old and dirty. To test your floors, lift up the corner of a rug, and if there are signs of fading on your wood floors, call Window Film Kansas City as soon as you can.

Installing UV protective window film can keep your floors and furniture from fading in the sun. You will find that your home furnishings could last twice as long. In addition you will also gain energy efficiency benefits that can save you money on your energy bills.


Fading happens over time, but the process is significantly expedited if colors are exposed to too much sunlight. But that doesn’t mean you have to cover up your windows and lose the natural light you love. Installing window film can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays that cause fading in Kansas City.

UV window film blocks the ultraviolet radiation part of the solar spectrum. This can slow down the damaging effects of the sun by a factor of 3 and prevent further damage to your floors and furniture.

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Ultraviolet radiation is by far the most significant factor that contributes to accelerated fading.

Heat and Humidity

Exposure to high heat and humidity can accelerate the fading of flooring and furniture by causing the colors and materials to deteriorate over time.

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light can lead to the fading of flooring and furniture by breaking down pigments and materials exposed to it, resulting in a loss of color and structural integrity.

Visible Light

Visible light can contribute to fading in flooring and furniture by gradually causing the colors and materials to deteriorate when exposed to prolonged periods of light exposure.

Chemical Vapors

Chemical vapors can accelerate fading in flooring and furniture by reacting with and degrading the materials, leading to color changes and structural damage.

Dye Fastness

Poor dye fastness in flooring and furniture can result in fading as the dyes used are less resistant to factors like light, heat, and humidity, causing the colors to deteriorate more rapidly.

Age of Fabric

As a window film UV expert, I would explain that the age of the fabric or material can contribute to fading in flooring and furniture as older materials are often more susceptible to UV damage and may have weakened over time, making them less resistant to color degradation.

Removes Coloring

As a window film UV protection expert, I would explain that UV light removes coloring from flooring and furniture by breaking down the chemical bonds within pigments and dyes, causing them to lose their vibrancy and fade over time.

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UV fade protection window film can’t completely stop fading, however it can dramatically reduce the amount of heat that comes through your windows. This means that your floors and furniture could last near twice as long.

By blocking an impressive 99% of the suns UV rays, window film is one of the best options for protecting your floors, furniture, drapes, and art work.

Vista’s residential window film is one of the best window films on the market today. In addition they also have the approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Since window film only requires one application, your skin will be protected for years to come.