Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Kansas City Residential and Commercial Properties

Did you know that approximately one billion birds die each year in the United States from preventable collisions into man-made structures? Bird collisions not only lead to fatalities, but they also can cause significant property damage and high maintenance costs in Kansas City. Glass repairs can be a serious inconvenience leading to downtime and frustration. These jarring events can also be traumatizing for certain individuals. Bird collisions can be prevented with bird strike prevention window film in Kansas City properties.

About Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

Bird strike prevention window film, also known as fritted window film, is an effective, affordable way to deter birds from crashing into your glass windows. The subtle, patterned decals featured on bird strike prevention window film creates a reflective look that notifies birds that there is a structure there. This innovative window film costs a fraction of fritted glass and requires quick installation. Bird strike prevention window film is a great way to lower maintenance, reduce costs, and promote bird conservation.

Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Kansas City Homes

Homes are no stranger to bird collisions and many require an affordable solution. The reflective quality created by bird strike prevention film provides privacy and a modern aesthetic. Homeowners can enjoy bird conservation, lower costs, and a better living environment.