The Trusted Source for Window Film in Kansas

The extreme temperatures in Kansas can range from triple digit heat during the summer to -numbers below freezing during the winter, and everything in between. That’s why Window Film Kansas City is proud to serve the residents of Kansas with all of the benefits of window film. Window film can benefit not only residential customers, but also commercial customers as well!

Kansas Window Tinting Services

We offer the following window films for all of our residential and commercial customers:

  • Solar Control Window Film
  • Decorative Window Film
  • Security Window Film
  • Anti-Graffiti Window Film (recommended as an addition to security window films)

These window films come with several different benefits for various applications. When it comes to window film, Window Film Kansas City has a window film that can benefit everyone.

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Sun Control

If your interested in saving money on your energy costs, solar control window film is hard to beat. This type of window film blocks heat from entering your home during the summer, and acts like window insulation during the winter. Window film is a home investment that is both simple and economical.

Protective Films

Unlike Dorothy, when most Kansas homes get hit by a tornado, they don’t end up in Oz. Tornados and hail storms can be a serious problem for Kansas residents, and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes. To help mitigate costly damage and injuries due to broken or flying glass from shattered windows, security window films bond window glass together to prevent shattering due to impact from flying debris. These films also help to deter criminals from breaking in to your home or office. Protect the things you love from burglars, weather, and wicked witches with security window films from Window Film Kansas City.

UV Blocking

Most of our window films, whether for solar control or security, also block 99% of incoming UV radiation which is present in natural sunlight. UV radiation is one of the leading causes of skin cancer in america today, and can cause your expensive wood floors and furniture to fade. By installing window film you can rest assured that your loved ones and your homes interior will be protected from this damaging radiation.


Decorative window film can give your home a new style with one simple application. Decorative window film can be custom designed with any pattern, company logo, or messaging. This makes it perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, or anyone who wants to advertise through their store front windows. Decorative window film is also perfect for homes that could use a little more privacy. Since window film can be customized, you can choose a pattern that will give your windows privacy without blocking natural light.