c-bond kansas city

C-Bond Solution, Revolutionary Window Protection

Protect your windows and glass doors with C-Bond in Kansas City! Traditionally, safety and security window film has been applied on top of glass surfaces for an added layer of defense against crime and natural disasters. However, new advances in the study of nanotechnology have allowed for an entirely new type of glass protecting product to enter the market in Kansas City. C-Bond solution directly alters the molecular makeup of glass to scientifically optimize it for increased strength and resistance. Once applied, studies have shown that not even bullets can get through C-Bond glass.

Did You Say Tornado? No Problem

C-Bond solution makes glass surfaces so strong that they can withstand even the most intense danger. Apply this security product to the glass windows and doors in your Kansas City home orĀ businessĀ for increased protection against:

  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Improvised explosive devices
  • Forced entry
  • Gunshots
  • Bomb blasts
  • Tornadoes
  • Hail storms

The Benefits Of C-Bond For Kansas City Properties

C-Bond not only adds strength and flexibility to your existing glass doors and windows, but it also offers great additional benefits. Residential properties can take advantage of C-Bond due to its quicker cure times. Applying C-Bond in all window film installations offers a great way to speed up the cure time while enhancing the benefits of your window film.

The Science Behind The Solution

Years of research and adjustments conducted by the experts and scientists at C-Bond Systems have gone into the making of this incredibly advanced product. And the end results are truly incredible. C-Bond film is an invisible, water-based solution thatā€™s applied directly to glass surfaces and window film products to provide unparalleled defense andĀ security.

It penetrates deep into the natural pores existing in glass and works by reconfiguring the microscopic fibers that make up its molecular structure. By altering these fibers to resemble a hybrid spider web framework, C-Bond solution actually reconstructs and enhances the physical integrity of the glass for increased strength and durability. And the best news is that itā€™s 100% nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Apply C-Bond to Your Kansas City Building

Do you want the ultimate level of protection for your family? Want to keep your business assets and employees safe? If your answer is yes, then C-Bond is the right solution for you. C-Bond is perfect for applying to any Kansas City building, including:

Government buildings
Financial institutions
Schools and universities
Gas stations
Police and fire departments