Window Film is available in a wide variety of types and styles!

Window film is becoming well known as an easy and economical energy savings investment for many homes and businesses. Its been proven to reduce heating and cooling costs all year round.

Window film is not only used for saving money on energy costs, but also for many other applications. Some of those include decorative, UV fade protection, security, and glare reduction window films. Window film is available for other applications like commercial buildings, schools, government buildings, as well as retail windows. If you would like to know more about window film benefits, our Kansas City team would be happy to chat with you; just give us a call!

This photo is a great example of the glare reduction and energy savings window film can provide a commercial office.  It both saves energy and reduces glare.

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residential window film kansas city

Residential Window Film

Window film benefits don’t stop with energy savings. The UV protective qualities of window film can protect your floors, furniture, window treatment, and art work from fading in the sun. Since window film can pay for itself in as little as 18 months, it makes a great investment. In addition to protecting your floors and furniture from the suns harmful UV rays, your skin will stay protected as well.

Residential Window Film Case Studies

Case studies about residential window film show several benefits to homeowners who install window film. Considering how often the sun shines in Kansas City, window film makes a great investment.

Residential Window Film

Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film has many benefits that go beyond saving money on energy costs. For example glare reduction window film can prevent eye strain by blocking that annoying glare from the sun on your computer screen. Decorative window film is perfect for busy office conference rooms that need a little more privacy, but don’t want to lose any style. This type of window film can also help to brand your business or provide marketing solutions. Security window film can protect your windows from vandals and burglars even if a rock or brick is thrown at your window.

Commercial Window Film Case Studies

Our commercial case studies will help you better understand how the initial cost of window film will easily pay for itself in a very short amount of time. This makes window film one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your commercial space.

Commercial Window Film
commercial window film kansas city

School, Government, and Public Building Window Film

School, Government, and Public Buildings can not only benefit from energy efficient window film, but also safety and security window film, decorative window film, as well as privacy window film. Government buildings often house important data that needs to be protected. Security window film can prevent thief’s from breaking in through your buildings windows. Bomb blast window film is designed to withstand blasts from bombs, protecting your windows from turning into shrapnel. Decorative window film can not only display your logo or branding, but can also provide privacy without blocking natural light.

Schools, Government & Public Buildings