Defend Your Property With Mirror & Metal Film In Kansas City

The use of mirror and metal film in Kansas City schools and commercial buildings enhances security and aesthetic preservation. For schools, where maintaining a safe and undamaged environment is crucial, these films offer a deterrent against graffiti and vandalism, which are common concerns. In commercial buildings, these films protect against defacement, preserving the professional appearance of the premises. Additionally, the easy-to-replace nature of mirror and metal film ensures that any graffiti can be removed swiftly without damaging the underlying surface. This not only saves on maintenance costs but also helps in keeping the buildings looking pristine and well-maintained.

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Metal Shield Film

Unfortunately in Kansas City, we do come across some sort of vandalism every now and again. Whether it be graffiti, writing on walls or etching with keys or another type of tool, it happens. Being able to prevent this damage is crucial, especially for owners of businesses that tend to the public. Common occurrences of vandalism happens at restaurants, hotels, bus stops, train stations, mall maps, school bathrooms, in elevators and on metal walls/surfaces. Instead of wondering what to do or how to solve the situation when the problem arises, take precautions beforehand. Investing and installing metal shield on your metal surfaces is a great idea. The metal shield looks identical to the original surface. You would never know there was a layer of anything on top of your metal surface. When a small amount or a significant amount of damage is done, you can simply remove the shield, revealing your original, unharmed metal surface. If you were an owner where something like this occurs, wouldn’t you want to eliminate any headaches? This is the perfect alternative for you.

Graffiti Shield

Mirror Shield Film

Think back. When was the last time you saw graffiti, etching or writing on a mirror in front of you as you were washing your hands in a bathroom in Kansas City? I bet it wasn’t that long ago. Were you in a public place? Sporting venues, restaurants, train stations, and public parks are always targets for vandalism. They are easy places to remove yourself from the crowd and make your mark. Owners of these businesses or facilities however, pay the price. Graffiti removal, unfortunately, is costly and can add up to $900 or more, even just for a small area. Not to mention, this is the cost of repairing a single instance of graffiti. Just think about the cost if it happens multiple times! Installing a mirror shield for your Kansas City property can help you save on maintenance costs, prevent unsightly graffiti, and protect your reputation!

Commercial Window Film
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Glass Shield Film

Have you ever seen a protective shield on top of a sign or poster? Sometimes you will even run across these at restaurants to protect menus on the wall, on top of outdoor mall maps or on top of movie posters at theaters. These make the area look nicer and more put together. However, when a vandal gets a hold of these areas with their keys or other sharp objects, they can cause a lot of damage to your glass surface. By inserting a glass shield on top of your original glass, you are eliminating any long-term damage that takes place. Although it is still an investment, it is a much more cost-efficient and time-saving investment. Imagine having to replace the entire glass panel every time damage is done! Instead, just peeling off the shield will show the original, beautiful glass panel.

Graffiti Shield

Protecting Your Mirrors From Vandalism And Long-Term Damage

Even though they are trying to provide a nice environment for people, there are those that will take the opportunity and damage the surface. Mirrors are the most common area you will find etching and writing, particularly in bathrooms. By installing a mirror shield, you are eliminating the long term damage done to your mirror. Once the damage is done, simply peel off the shield and take a look at the original mirror you installed. Although it is an investment in the beginning, it is a cheaper alternative to having to replace your mirrors after every vandalism occurrence. In the end, mirror and metal film for your Kansas City property is simply a choice that makes sense!