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Installing window film can reduce your energy costs, increase your property’s safety, and protect your floors and furniture from fading in the sun. Window Film Kansas City installs the highest quality brands of window film. Some of them include Vista, 3M, and LLumar window film. We install energy efficiency, UV fade protection, security, privacy, bomb-blast, anti graffiti, and even decorative window films. No matter what kind of window tint you are looking for, Window Film Kansas City will make sure you are satisfied with your results.

Window Film benefits

Studies show that the primary reason for energy loss in most homes and buildings is due to poor insulation. The culprit behind this problem is almost always single pane glass windows. Heat escapes easily through glass, the result of which is usually excess heat build up during the summer and heat loss during the winter, which leads to high energy costs.

Window tinting is a simple, fast, cost effective solution to lowering your energy costs. This can all be done without the need for dark tints that hinder your windows views or blocking light. Window film can reduce the need to run your air conditioner and can pay for itself in as little as 2 years after installation, making it a solid investment. After one quick application, many homeowners find that they save as much as 30% on energy costs after just the first year.

There are a variety of different types of films that can be used to reduce energy consumption. These films range in their appearance and physical composition and work in different ways. Some energy saving window films use ceramics to reflect heat while others contain precious metals. Your window tinting contractor will be able to determine the best option for your home based on your aesthetic preferences and needs. Learn more about energy saving window film.

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There lies a common misconception with the way that the sun affects our bodies and the objects around us. Many people are under the belief that they are safe from the sun and uv radiation as long as they are indoors. But this view does not take into account the amount of sunlight that still enters our homes and workplaces through windows. Over time, this exposure to uv rays, both indoors and outside, can lead to serious health diseases and cause damage to furniture and flooring. Fortunately, window film offers a solution.

Giving your floors and furniture more life is easy with window film. With just one quick installation window film blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping your furniture and floors safe from fading in the sun. Window film uses spectrally selective technology to control which types of light from the electromagnetic spectrum are able to pass through the film. The result of this is maximum daylight transmission and a dramatic reduction in the absorption of infrared heat and uv radiation.

In addition to blocking UV rays, window film reduces glare on windows so there’s no need to draw the blinds just to watch TV or work on your computer. With window film, you don’t have to worry about straining or squinting to see what’s on the screen and can relax or work in ease. And, unlike blinds or curtains which close your building off from the world, window tint also allows you to enjoy the beautiful views from your home or office. Learn more about glare & uv protection window film.

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Privacy can be hard to come by in today’s busy world. Whether you’re at work or simply relaxing at home, it can be unsettling to feel like your personal affairs are exposed for all the world to see. Not to mention, having your expensive equipment, belongings, or merchandise out in plain sight can create temptation for burglars, causing a safety concern.

Privacy can be hard to come by in today’s busy world. Whether you’re at work or simply relaxing at home, it can be unsettling to feel like your personal affairs are exposed for all the world to see. Not to mention, having your expensive equipment, belongings, or merchandise out in plain sight can create temptation for burglars, causing a safety concern.

There are a variety of types of window films designed for the specific purpose of adding privacy. Different films offer varying levels of visibility. For example, some simply distort views while others block them out completely with a matte finish. In addition, window film can also customized to create the specific level of privacy you need. During your consultation, we’ll help you find the perfect option for your home or office that provides your space with the right level of privacy while also making it look beautiful. Learn more about privacy window film.

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If your looking for window security, we have you covered. Security window film can protect your windows from shattering during attempted break-ins. Anti graffiti window film makes clean up fast and easy. Bomb blast window film can keep your windows from turning into shrapnel during a bomb blast. Regardless of your window film needs, Window Film Kansas City has the solution your looking for.

We work with industry leading manufacturers to provide our clients with the most advanced security window tinting options. We offer everything from standard security films to bomb blast protection films as well as specialized primer like C-Bond and security attachment systems. Our security films are innovative and reliable. When properly cared for, they can last for several years time.

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building. Our team will work hard to make sure that you find the right security film for your space to keep your belongings and loved ones safe. During your consultation, we’ll listen carefully to your concerns and will show you all the different options we carry for security tint based on your needs. As your trusted security window tinting experts, we’re here to help you get the protection you deserve and need. Learn more about security window film.

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One of the most popular applications for window film is to use it to enhance the aesthetics of a room’s interior. These decorative flat glass films offer Kansas City home and business owners an economical alternative to expensive custom glass inserts and room dividers. Simply select a style of film that matches your decor and have it cut to size and installed on the surface of your choice.

In addition to being useful for transforming glass, decorative window films are also a convenient option for refurbishing old furniture and worn down surfaces. Counter tops, tables, cabinets, and cabinets are given a more modern, updated appearance without having to be replaced. Or, if you feel that a certain room is lacking color or just needs a little something extra, you can use a patterned window film to create an exciting accent wall. Floral window films, stained glass films, and 3M DI-NOC Window Films are all excellent options for remodeling on a budget.

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While window films don’t remove graffiti per se, they are quite effective for repairing vandalized items. Removing graffiti is a costly endeavor that requires hours of work and scrubbing. Most of the time, it requires hiring a professional, and even then, there’s no guarantee that the markings will come off. Furthermore, there’s a good chance that if it happened once, it might happen again. Anti-graffiti window films provide Kansas City schools, businesses, and public transit organizations with a more effective way of managing vandalism.

Instead of eradicating the damage by removing it, graffiti films cover up the marks and scratches. The film is custom made to match the surface of the damaged area. It blends in so well, it’s impossible to notice. Once installed, the graffiti is no longer visible and the fixture looks like new. If it just so happens that the same item should be tagged, scratched, or drawn on in the future, the film will absorb most of the damage. Then, the damaged film can be removed and a new one can be applied in its place. It’s faster, cheaper, and works so much better!

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Schools are among the most important and sacred places in our country. Yet they are also the most vulnerable. Because of failures in public policy and lack of federal funding, schools simply don’t have the financial means necessary to implement sound security measures. It seems reasonable that all schools should have deterrent mechanisms and bulletproof glass, but for many schools in underfunded urban areas, this is a far off dream.

Our window films provide a cost effective solution for Kansas City schools seeking to upgrade their security. We carry a variety of films that can be used to reinforce school entrances, classroom windows, chemistry labs, computer labs, gymnasiums, and more. Our team will work with your school administration to identify what the most pressing concerns are and create a solid plan that can help keep your teachers and students safe.

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Natural light does wonders for a building’s interior. When buildings have access to natural sunlight, employees are happier and more productive. Tenant turnover declines. And less illness is passed around among groups. Yet because the sun also causes heat retention, blinds and shades have become common practice in most commercial settings. However, this is all about to change thanks to Daylight Redirecting Film.

Daylight Redirecting Film provides a way to retain sunlight without absorbing heat. This innovative film is installed in the uppermost portion of a window so that it can control the sun’s activity. Instead of unfiltered sunlight streaming through, light is redirected upward and sent deep into the room. This way, the entire room is lit with natural light, not just the areas closest to the windows. Heat stays out, but light radiates in.

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Fading Facts

UV Radiation Blocking

Causes Of Fading

By blocking 99% of the suns fading UV rays as apposed to the 11% of untreated windows, window film will protect your floors, furnishings, as well as valuable art work from fading in the sun.

Heat Reduction

Solar Heat Gain

Window film blocks 99% of the suns UV rays, but thats not all. Energy efficiency window film also blocks heat rays that can cause your homes heat to rise. Window film can keep your home cooler without blocking your views with extremely dark window tint. Our professionals can help determine which window film will best fit your windows needs.

kansas city xpel window film

Window Tinting vs. Window Film

Window film comes in several styles and tints including dark and even reflective. Although dark tints don’t always work for everyone. That’s why our window films also come in clear versions that will block the sun just as well as dark of reflective tints. If you would like to learn more about window film and window tinting, follow this link to our Window Film vs. Window Tinting page.

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C-Bond Window Film

When it comes to safety and security window films, C-Bond produces an extraordinary option that helps deter vandals, thieves, and keep people safe from terrorists attack. C-Bond products are manufactured to provide business and residents in Kansas City with sense of safety and security where they need it most. Follow this link to see a real-life stress test of a window with C-Bond safety and security window film installed. C-Bond films also offer a variety of other benefits such as UV protection and energy saving benefits. Contact Window Film Kansas City to receive a free quote on the installation of C-Bond safety and security window in your home or office today.

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