Your home and your family mean the world to you. Choosing the right security film for your Kansas City home is an important decision. While durability is important so are aesthetics. And some homeowners may feel more comfortable with a high end security film. These are all choices that have to be made, but we’re here to help.

Our team will help guide you through all the different options for residential security films and help you find a film that meets both your practical and aesthetic needs. When it comes to security film, we are experts and are well versed in all the latest evolvements and technology. Together, we can help you find the right film to provide your pets and family with the protection they deserve and the peace of mind you need.

Residential Security Film Applications

Residential security film can be used for any application in which glass strengthening is desired. Whether you are looking to reinforce the glass windows by your pool or stairs or are interested in security film for as an added safety measure for protecting your home against break ins, security film can provide you with the perfect solution for all your home security needs.

Storms & Hail
Mother nature can be vicious. Severe storms, hail, and tornadoes can wreak havoc on your home and send flying glass shards everywhere. Window tint can help protect your home from natural events and save money on repairs.

Glass Strengthening
Windows can easily be smashed by a single blow of a hammer or even a stray golf ball or football. Window tint provides the perfect solution for glass strengthening and can help protect your home from accidents as well as more severe dangers.

Solar Benefits
Uv rays are silent but dangerous culprits that can completely ruin your furniture and lead to the development of serious bodily diseases. Window tint blocks out 99% of uv rays and saves money on heating and cooling costs.

Privacy Benefits
Having your family and personal belongings exposed to the world can be an unnerving feeling. Window film creates privacy for the areas of your home where you need it the most and is a more appealing alternative to blinds and curtains.

Break-In Protection
Having your home broken into is frightening not only for the fact that your belongings can be stolen, but your family can also be put at jeopardy too. Window tint provides a reliable solution for break in protection that helps deter intruders and provide additional response time.

Tempered Glass Alternative
According to modern building code standards, tempered glass is a requirement for many windows located near showers, stairs, or pools. Window tint offers a more economical alternative to expensive tempered safety glass and can help you save money on your home remodeling project.

Security Window Film Brands

3M Safety & Security Window Film
3M is one of our favorite brands of security film to work with for many reasons. 3M Window Films are durable and reliable and are available in a variety of styles that can make your home look beautiful while also protecting your family from the perils of mother nature and the outside world.
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Llumar Safety & Security Window Film
Llumar manufactures an extensive line of security window films for theft prevention, natural disaster defense, and vandalism protection. Llumar Safety & Security Films allow you to get the protection you need while creating a look you love for your home.
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Huper Optik Safety & Security Film
Optimal clarity, optimal safety. That’s what homeowners experience with Huper Optik window film. Huper Optik window films provide a clear solution for protecting your home and family from danger while also optimizing and enhancing outdoor views.
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huper optik solar control film

Madico Safety & Security Film
Madico window films have long been used as security solution by homeowners in Austin and across the country. Madico window films deter intruders, reduce damage caused by accidents and weather, and help save money on costly window replacement.
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Hanita Coatings Safety & Security Film
With Hanita SafetyZone window film, you can rest assured knowing your family and home are always in the safe zone. Hanita SafetyZone window films employ the power of durable polyester and Hanita’s proprietary blend of adhesives to create a thick defense barrier for your home.
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Solar Gard Safety & Security Film
Solar Gard Window Films provide the ultimate security solution while also reducing your home energy expenses. Solar Gard films create a durable layer of protection for your home while filtering and controlling uv rays, glare, and heat from the sun.
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solar gard 10 mil clear
solar gard 10 mil silver
solar gard 10 mil stainless steel

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