Energy efficient window film is the perfect energy saving solution for hotels that are interested in saving money on their energy costs. Hotels must maintain a comfortable temperature all year round causing energy costs to spiral out of control. Window film can prevent heat from entering rooms during the summer and heat from exiting through windows during the winter. This makes it much easier to maintain a consistent temperature in Kansas City without working the HVAC system as hard, and saving money on energy costs.

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When it comes to going green and maintaining that image, energy savings window film is the perfect cost effective solution. Hotels usually will see a return on their investment within 2-5 years. In addition there are several styles of window film so each individual hotel will be able to find a window film that will perfectly match their needs.

Window film is available in several different styles, is easy to install, and is also economical. In fact many hotels see a ROI within 2-5 years after installation, making window film the perfect green solution to energy saving issues.
For hotels located in southern or desert climates, reflective window film might be the film for you. This film is mirrored on the outside and reflects sunlight away from your windows. This film is also perfect for downtown areas, or locations where your guests might enjoy some added privacy. Window film can also be installed on restaurant or office windows, that could use a little more privacy but don’t want to be completely blocked from view. These window films are considered decorative in nature because they come in several different designs and can also be customized to include company logo’s or branding.

If your hotel rooms are in constant contact with the suns UV rays, you might have already noticed the unpleasant signs of fading from the sun. Window films UV protective qualities can protect floors, furniture, drapes, and expensive art from fading in the sun. After installing window film you can rest assured that your hotel will be protected and your guests will appreciate your high quality rooms.

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