A school security plan is something created in advance to ensure the safety and security of both faculty and students, in case of some kind of danger. That danger can be man-made or naturally caused. In either case, school security film can be an important part of these plans in Kansas City.

Many school districts and universities who are worried about their students’ safety are hiring expert security consultants. These consultants come and assess the vulnerabilities of the school and offer a comprehensive plan for addressing them.
School security suggestions can include metal detectors at entrances, video monitoring, and even security window films. These films add a layer of protection to a school’s many windows that can keep them from shattering, or keep them intact even in the case of an explosion in the school.

security-window-film-300x230 kansas city

Most people are unaware that in an explosion of any magnitude, it’s flying glass from shattered windows that causes a significant amount of the casualties. School security window film prevents this from happening and can save many lives. They are an affordable investment in safety no school should ignore.
We offer the top rated security films from innovative industry leader 3M. These films have been subjected to numerous tests and have been installed in various security conscious buildings around the world.

Thorough security plans also include disaster and emergency preparations that will include evacuation policies, lock down procedures, and other reunification strategies. However, the best plans are not effective without training the staff in how to respond to a wide variety of different threats and critical situations.
These can include:

  • Active shooter within the school
  • Bomb threats
  • Student kidnappings
  • Hostage situations
  • And more.

Once the security plan has been put into place and the staff have had the required training, the administration can breathe easier knowing they have done everything in their power to protect their charges from harm.


Administrators are suggested to thoroughly vet the security consultants they are hiring. We recommend Security Education Consultants, a company staffed by former Secret Service agents with one hundred years of combined experience behind them and a passion for children’s safety.
Security plans and security films are also an excellent idea for government buildings, public spaces, arenas and concert halls, and any houses of worship with security concerns.