If you’re looking for a green investment that can show returns between 2-5 years then energy efficient window film is the perfect solution. Window film can save homeowners as well as business owners money on their energy costs.

Energy efficient window film can be installed just about anywhere including homes, officesrestaurants, factories, and on almost any glass surface in Kansas City. At a fraction of the cost of replacement windows, energy efficient window film is much more cost effective solution to your energy saving problems.

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Installing window film on your windows is like adding another pane of glass to your windows. This means single paned windows will perform like double panes and double panes like triple panes.

If you have ever sat by a window on a hot Kansas City summer day, you already know how hot it can get. Energy efficient window film blocks up to 99% of the UV rays coming from the sun making those hot summers more bearable.

Energy efficient window film makes it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. This means you will be using your air conditioner less and also using less energy. Depending on your location and architecture there might be days where you won’t need to run your air conditioner at all.

During the winter months heat can escape through windows causing your home to be cooler and forcing you to turn the heat on more often. After installing energy efficient window film, your home will be more comfortable and you will save money on your energy costs.

Windows are know for losing heat during the winter causing you to run your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature. Window film can help your windows hold in the heat making it easier to maintain temperatures without

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