Commercial Window Film

The Kansas City sunshine is beautiful during the summer months, so it makes perfect sense that many commercial buildings are designed with large windows to take advantage of the light from the sun. Although the sun provides great lighting, it also creates large amounts of heat, causing the air conditioner to work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. This means much higher energy bills. The winter isn’t much better as the heat escapes through these windows, the heating system works twice as hard to keep the building warm. Installing Enerlogic commercial window film can absorb the heat from the sun during the summer and block the heat from escaping during the winter. This means there is less need to run the HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Energy efficient window film can provide a fast ROI considering that it provides energy efficient benefits all year round. Energy efficient window film is also compatible with high-efficiency lighting. Take a look at the links below to learn more about the benefits of window film.

Window Film Types

  Here are a few of the commercial window film uses:

Commercial Window Film Applications

Going green is easy with energy efficient window film. Installing this film on your windows will help your single panes perform like double panes, and your double panes perform like triple panes. This is a step towards being a green energy efficient company.

Window Film Kansas City

Our team of window film professionals can help you make an informed decision when it comes to window film. Since all of our installers have 8 or more years experience installing window film so you can rest assured that your window film will last for years to come. If you have more questions, or if you would like to set up a free onsite window film consultation, contact us today.