Energy efficiency window film can save you money on your annual energy costs.

Homeowners and business owners all over are conscious about saving money on their energy costs. Kansas City residents are no different. If you find your energy costs increasing and you wish you could do something about it, if you fall have been looking for ways to save money on your annual energy bills, we bring good news. Good, energy-bill saving news.

Energy efficient window film has been around for quite a while, but most Kansas City homeowners and business owners are still not all that familiar with it. This cutting edge, yet affordable product can effectively and efficiently save you money on your cooling costs by blocking heat gain from the sun all summer long. As you know, the sun beating in your windows can make a home or office unbearable. By blocking a percentage of heat gain, your interiors can stay cooler with less air conditioning, making it much easier to save money on your cooling costs. Some of our clients have reported no longer needing to use their air conditioners at all, but this will vary depending on how many windows get direct sun, for how many hours of the day.

But saving on cooling costs is not the only thing installing energy efficiency window film can do for you. Did you also know that this same window film can also save you money during the winter? Here is how this aspect of it works: Glass is a great conductor, and it conducts the heat your furnace is producing right out the window. The energy efficiency window film acts as a barrier that keeps your expensive heat inside where it belongs. This keeps you cozy and your house warmer with less work for your furnace. Don’t be surprised if you can lower the thermostat and stay warmer at the same time.

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Some clients have reported that the installation of energy efficiency window film has reduced their heating and cooling costs by up to fifty to sixty percent. Amazing, isn’t it? The installation of window film will usually pay for itself in two to three years, based on this decrease in energy costs. And after that, the savings will keep right on coming, year after year.

Oh, by the way . . . as an added bonus, energy efficiency window films will also block the damaging UV rays blasting through your windows by up to 99 percent. UV is what fades your rugs, your upholstery, your artwork. So you might just save money on replacement furnishing costs as well and keep your interiors looking great much, much longer.

Please contact Window Film Kansas City for more information about our full line of residential and commercial energy efficiency window films. And let the energy savings begin!