Is there any window tinting that is really bullet proof?

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One question that we’re often asked at Window Film Kansas City is if bullet proof window tinting really exists. The thing is, the answer is more complicated than you may think. No matter what quality of glass or window film is used, if a glass surface is struck several times at high intensity, it’s going to break eventually. However, there is a type of window tinting that makes glass resistant to ballistic forces.

C-Bond: Bullet Resistant Defense

The product that we offer for this kind of defense is called C-Bond. And in our experience, it’s one of the most power types of security window film systems that exists at this point in time. And though it may not be 100% quote-on-quote “bulletproof”, it’s definitely something every business should consider.

c-bond kansas city

What Is C-Bond?

C-Bond is a liquid substance that’s applied to glass as a window film primer. It works by reconfiguring glass at the molecular level to make it stronger and more resistant to shattering. In the case that the surface is struck at high impact, C-Bond window film systems work to hold the glass in place.

C-Bond Protects High Security Buildings

C-Bond is most popularly used among Kansas City buildings that require a high level of security. This includes places such as schools, government buildings, airports, military bases. In the case that the building’s doors or windows are hit with high impact, C-Bond will help to keep the glass and window film in place. This helps to mitigate damage and injury caused by flying glass shards.

What It Defends Against

The defense that C-Bond is able to offer is truly a marvel. With a C-Bond system in place, buildings can stay protected against a wide range of threats including:
Hammer strikes
Flying debris
Ballistic forces
Wind speeds up to 140 mph
And more

Get More Information About C-Bond Window Tinting

Curious about C-Bond? Contact Window Film Kansas City. We offer high quality safety and security window tinting for Kansas City commercial and government buildings. One of our window film experts will be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of C-Bond or our other window film products.