Understanding the Importance of Installing Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Kansas City’s Government Buildings

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There are many responsibilities that come with owning and managing a commercial building and security is one of them. As a property owner, you have to be certain that your building is kept secure at all times in order to keep your building protected from thieves and burglars. Additionally, the safety of your building also has to be taken into consideration. It’s your job to make sure that your employees have a safe, secure environment to work in.

For government buildings, the risks are even higher. Government buildings are coveted targets for burglars because of the valuable equipment and files they contain. Additionally, government properties at at higher risk of being targeted by terrorists. And in a high crime area like Kansas City, it’s always best to err on the cautious side just to be safe. That’s why installing ballistic resistant window film is so important for Kansas City government buildings. Ballistic resistant window films provide a way to prevent intrusion and protect people and valuables from intruders and unexpected threats.

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Why Ballistic Resistant Window Films Are the Superior Option

When it comes to security, property owners have a few different options. Of course, they are the traditional methods of security cameras, signs, and security staff. But these methods work as more of a scare tactic.

Ballistic resistant window films, on the other hand, can actually physically prevent a person from entering a building. Ballistic resistant window films strengthen glass, making it incredibly difficult to break or shatter, thus preventing forced entry by means of smashing a glass door or window pane. They also create a tear resistant barrier that stands in place in substitute of glass that has been broken.

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Advantages of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Government Buildings

In addition to deterring intruders, ballistic resistant window films can provide Kansas City government buildings with many other advantages as well including:
-Reduced energy costs
-Protection from uv radiation
-Non RF blocking window film
-Improved indoor comfort

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