Using Window Film for Storm & Wind Protection in Kansas City

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Tornado season in the Midwest generally lasts from April to June. As a resident of Kansas City and someone who lives in Tornado Alley, it’s important to take steps to protect your home from inclement weather. Installing window film for your Kansas City home can help protect your family, pets, and property and minimize damage during severe storms.


How Window Film Can Protect Your Home from Storms

Right now, at the beginning of Tornado season, many homeowners in the Kansas City area are taking steps to prepare for the strong winds and storms that will occur in the next few months. Installing impact resistant doors, securing loose tiles and building materials, and stocking up on non-perishable food and drinking water are all great ways to prepare your home and family for a potential emergency. One additional step you should consider taking is reinforcing your windows and doors with window film.

Glass areas can become very dangerous during storms. Strong winds or even pressure caused by suction can cause glass to shatter instantly, unleashing deadly shards that fly across the room. Installing security window film for your Kansas City home can increase the shatter resistance of your windows and doors and help keep your family safe. Security films make windows more flexible and secure broken shards in place safely within layers of polyester film, preventing them from becoming lethal projectiles.


Security Window Films for Storm & Wind Protection

Not all window films are strong enough to resist high speed winds. So it’s important to choose an option that’s designed for impact protection. Here are a couple options that we recommend:

  • 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security Window Film: When combined with an impact protection system, 3M Scotchshield security films are effective at minimizing glass hazards.
  • C-Bond Systems: C-Bond is a specialized primer designed to increase the shatter resistance of glass. When used in combination with window film, C-Bond gives windows the ability to resist wind speeds up to 120 mph.


Protect Your Home from Storms & Severe Weather

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