If you’re a hospital and you want to save money on your energy costs, window film is the perfect solution.

Hospitals in Kansas City must maintain comfortable temperatures in their buildings 365 days a year. This makes energy conservation even more important. During the summer months, windows are the perfect source for the sun to enter the building and heat things up. During the winter months, heat can easily be lost through the windows. This is where window film can help. During the summer window film acts as a heat blocker, absorbing heat at the windows before it even enters the building. During the winter the same window film acts like an insulator keeping the warm air from exiting the building. This makes it much easier to maintain temperatures without constantly running the HVAC system. In fact, after installing window film many hospitals have noticed an ROI within 1 year.


Window films insulating properties can make a single-paned window perform like a double pane and a double-pane perform like a triple pane. In addition, window film is much more economical than replacement windows and there is no need for time-consuming and messy renovations.

Nobody wants to feel like they are being watched while recovering from an injury or illness. If your hospital is in a location where your patients’ privacy might be compromised, privacy window film can help. Privacy window film comes in various levels of tint including mirrored versions. This is perfect for adding more privacy to your hospital’s windows.

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Installing window film for an entire hospital is not a decision you make without some thought and planning. That’s why our knowledgable professionals at Window Film Kansas City have years of experience managing these types of projects. All of our installers have 8 or more years of experience installing window film, so you can rest assured that your window film will operate at its peak performance for years to come.

Window film also offers an affordable way to bring your hospital up to code. Update annealed glass windows and add safety distraction markers with different film options. With quick installations, your hospital won’t suffer from any operational downtime.


Energy-savings: Save money all year-round with energy-efficient window film. Experience a great ROI while improving comfort for patients, staff members, and visitors.

Privacy: Block undesired views into your hospital with privacy window tinting. Enhance the exterior of your property while ensuring patient privacy is achieved.

Decorative: Uplift spirits, improve brand visibility, and much more with decorative window film. Decorative window film is highly customizable for added visual interest.

Daylight redirecting: Daylight redirecting film has been proven to decrease patient recovery times in hospitals. Lower your lighting costs while experiencing the exclusive benefits of this innovative product.

Glare reduction: Stop excessive glare from impacting the productivity of your staff and comfort of your patients.

Safety and security: Keep everyone safe from a multitude of different threats with safety and security window film. Bomb blast protection and ballistic resistant options are also available for high security needs.

Anti-graffiti: If your hospital is prone to vandalism, anti-graffiti film can help you save on vandalism and graffiti repair costs. Keep your facility in the best condition while preventing further damage.

UV protection: Don’t let harmful UV rays impact your furniture, equipment, and building occupants. UV blocking window film blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays.

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