Types of Graffiti Restoration Films for Kansas City

Every commercial building owner in Kansas City can agree that graffiti is bad for business.  Whether it is inside your building or outside, it looks awful and takes away business.  Even worse, it is very expensive to have graffiti removed from any surface.  An alternative to graffiti removal in Kansas City commercial spaces is anti-graffiti films.  These thick films go on top of surfaces to become a sacrificial barrier against graffiti of all kinds: acid, scratch, marker, or paint.  Once installed, it provides 24/7 protection to your commercial building’s surfaces. Not only will this save you money on repairs after graffiti occurs, but it also protects areas prone to graffiti from getting damaged again.

Graffiti Film Finishes

Metal Anti-Graffiti Films:  The thick and durable films work great for any metal surface in commercial spaces and are most frequently used to repair elevator graffiti.  They also save commercial investors a lot of money in repairs since metal surface films cost about  10X less than having graffiti removed from a metal surface.   They also save on downtime for your Kansas City commercial building since the work is done in as little as one day.

Mirror Anti-Graffiti Films:  Once a mirror has been marked by graffiti, it is ruined and needs to be replaced unless you use mirror surface films to cover the damage.  These heavy-duty films go over etch marks, scratch marks, and paint marks of any kind to make the mirror look new again.  Mirror films are undetectable once in place, too, so no one will be able to tell the film is there.   Even if the film is defaced again, it can be easily removed and replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new mirror.

Glass Graffiti Films:  Graffiti on glass is very common in Kansas City .  It is tough to remove, and sometimes it could mean commercial business owners need to install new windows.  This is why it is a good idea to have glass shield installed before graffiti happens.  Once in place, commercial glass windows are impervious against the effects of scratches, etches, paint and markers.  Since the glass under these films stays undamaged even after a vandalism attack, the film can be removed and replaced for much less than full glass replacement.

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