Save money with energy efficient window film.

Window Film Kansas City is on a mission. A mission to educate the good folks of Kansas City as to just how much they can save on their heating and cooling bills with one of our energy saving window film products.

Have you heard of energy saving window film? Most people are familiar with the kind of window tint, or window film that is applied to darken car windows. The main purpose of this product is to darken the windows and cut glare. The type of window film we are talking about is vastly different in purpose and in durability as well.

Let’s take a look at the energy needs of the average Kansas City home (or business). Unless you are off the grid, the bulk of your energy costs likely come from heating the dwelling in winter and keeping it cool and comfortable in summer. In other words, it is your furnace and your air conditioner that are really running up that bill. Perhaps you no longer even look at the bill, since it is so high and there really isn’t much you can do about it.

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However, with energy saving window film, our clients are reporting incredible savings of up to fifty percent off heating and cooling costs. This not only lowers your energy bills, it lowers your carbon footprint as well. And this product is an affordable initial investment that will pay for itself in a few short years, and does not require replacing or maintenance of any sort.

So, how does it work? Basically, instead of conducting heat the way ordinary glass does, energy efficiency or energy saving window film blocks and reflects heat. In the summer, a lot of the temperature of the house comes from the sun beating in through the windows. People use heavy curtains to keep out the heat, but the fact is that the glass in the window is absorbing that heat and releasing it into the house. Our energy saving window film adds a coating to your window that reflects that heat back outward.

And the same sort of thing happens in the winter, only in reverse. The heat from your heating system is reflected back into the house, instead of escaping through the glass and taking your hard earned money with it.

For more information about energy saving window film or to receive a quote, we hope you will contact Window Film Kansas City. Our local installers service the entire metropolitan area and the surrounding towns and suburbs. Why wait to start saving on energy bills? Why not give us a call today?