Actual Savings From Window Film For Your Kansas City Home

Money savings from window film kansas city

How Window Film Saves You Money Right Away On Energy Bills In Your KC Home

We’ve talked quite a bit about window film savings but we know it is also pretty common knowledge that window films and tints add up to big-time money savings in homes and commercial buildings. In fact, this revolutionary product is making waves and changing the indoor worlds live in, with the added benefit of putting more money back in people’s pockets. It is a true economic bonus for anyone who has had it applied and something that should be on your shortlist of home improvements if you have not. There are many different ways window film adds up to savings in the long term like

  • Extending the life of furnishing by blocking UV rays
  • Protecting valuables from theft
  • Lowering medical costs by protecting skin and eyes from UV rays
  • Lowering HVAC repair and replacement costs

But we understand that you may be the type of person who wants to see something significant up front. If you still need a little convincing, read below and see for yourself the real world savings, our company owner experienced from the addition of solar window film and how this drove him to start our company.

Check Out The Real Life Savings For Yourself

Our company came to fruition because our owner, Martin Faith, saw first hand the massive savings he got by having window film applied to his own home. This convinced him of both the beauty and efficacy of window tinting and made him realize this technology was undoubtedly the way of the future.

Below is a copy of his original utility bill–with an average daily cost $8.98


First, he tried lowering his average daily cost with Low-E windows. This worked fairly well–lowering the average daily cost of utilities to $6.55

However, look at his the savings from the first bill after he installed solar control window film. The average daily cost of utilities plummets to just $2.54!


Like we said, this is when Martin decided to start our company–when he saw the amazing savings for himself. A nearly 30% reduction in heating and cooling costs is reflected in the bills above and this is right out of the gate–who wouldn’t be convinced? At Window Film Kansas City, we hope we have also convinced you. We truly believe in our product because each and every day we see the difference window film makes in our customer’s lives and our own lives too!

Watch the video below for more information on utility savings

For more information on how to save money on your Kansas City home’s utility bills and pocket 30%+ of your annual energy expenditures, contact us today!