How Some Kansas & Missouri School Districts Utilize Security Window Film

How Some Kansas & Missouri School Districts Utilize Security Window Film

As the conversation of safety and security has changed in recent years, it is vital to heighten school security to ensure your students and staff are safe from the unforeseen. Safety and security window films are protecting schools against a multitude of harmful events including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, domestic attacks, burglaries, vandalism, and freak accidents. Taking every step possible to protect our nation’s children is pertinent to our future. These multi-functional safety and security window films have revolutionized Kansas and Missouri school districts in numerous ways.

Day-to-Day Use of Safety and Security Window Film

On a day-to-day basis, safety and security window film provides purpose by lowering your school district’s energy consumption and prolonging the life of all furniture. By rejecting solar heat, your energy costs will drastically be lowered while maintaining a more comfortable, consistent internal temperature for your students and teachers. A more comfortable school environment can always lead to more student productivity! Safety and security films block out up to 99.9% of UV rays that are responsible for fading desks, discolored flooring, and significant skin and eye disease as well.

Safety and Security Window Film in Kansas & Missouri School Districts

Safety and security window films protect the most vulnerable parts of any school– the glass doors and windows. By bonding and retaining broken glass fragments together, caused by any impact, security films mitigate broken glass and flying debris hazards. If assailants are trying to gain access into your school, safety and security film prolongs your existing glass’ life, giving your staff and students precious time to either escape or hide until first responders arrive on scene. That also means after an event, there’s no broken glass to clean up either, ensuring relatively no down time for your school.

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