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Window Film Kansas City hotel film

If you own or manage a resort, conference center, or hotel, Window Film Kansas City would like to tell you about a way you might be able to lower your overhead. Specifically, your heating and cooling costs.

We have a product known as energy efficiency window film. With this type of hotel window film, Kansas City hotels and other hospitality establishments can keep their facilities warmer in winter and cooler in summer . . . for less money than they are currently spending.

Intrigued? We thought you might be. Once you understand how this type of energy saving hotel window film works, you will be even more interested. Your hotel is probably filled with windows, at least one or more in every guest room, in the lobby, in the restaurants, in the conference rooms, and whatever other facilities you have. Did you know that a lot of the heat your furnace creates drifts right out through the glass in all those windows? That means your furnace has to keep cranking along all winter to keep your hotel at a temperature that’s comfortable and appealing for your guests.

But with energy efficiency hotel window film, Kansas City hotels have the opportunity to block that costly heat loss and keep the heat where it belongs: right inside your guests’ rooms. They’ll be able to lower their thermostats and stay just as cozy and comfortable all winter long, which will save you money.

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In the summer, the opposite problem occurs. The sun’s heat transfers through the glass, especially at times of the day when it’s beating directly down on the windows. This creates an uncomfortable amount of heat in the room and causes guests to crank up the A.C. to compensate. But with our energy efficiency hotel window film, Kansas City hotels block a significant portion of that heat gain, leaving the room cooler. And if it doesn’t heat up as much, guests will not need near as much air conditioning to cool it off. And that saves you money.

With this outstanding high-performance hotel window film, Kansas City hotels can make their guests more comfortable in another way as well: glare reduction. These days, everyone is watching their flat screen TVs, working on their laptops and tablets, endlessly checking their phones, even while on vacation. Glare can be a huge annoyance in that regard, making it impossible to see what you are trying to look at. If glare is an issue, make sure the energy saving window film you choose also comes with glare reduction capabilities.

For more information about energy saving hotel window film, Kansas City or across the state, please contact us today. We’re always happy to answer any questions or offer a quote for a window film job.