Window tinting for business energy savings

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Have you been looking for a way to lower your Kansas City businesses’ overhead? Do your heating and cooling costs keep rising every year? We might have a convenient and affordable solution. With energy efficiency commercial window film, Kansas City business owners can save money on their energy bills, summer and winter.

We offer a whole line of commercial window films in Kansas City, but the top seller is our line of energy saving films. They are affordable, no maintenance required, and work passively without you having to set any dials, turn them on or off, or do . . . anything at all, once they are installed.

With this particular type of commercial window film, Kansas City business owners can save as much as fifty percent on air conditioning costs in the summer, and the same on heating bills in the winter. Now, this is an average. It all depends on how many windows your office or other commercial space has, how large they are, and how much direct sun they receive.

Let’s explain a bit more about how energy saving commercial window films work, so you can have a better idea of how you’ll save money.

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In the summer, with the installation of the energy efficient commercial window film, Kansas City businesses greatly cut back on heat gain. This is what happens when the summer sun beats down on your windows. The glass absorbs the heat and releases it into the premises. But the commercial window film product reflects the heat back outside, leaving the rooms cooler and the air conditioning with substantially less work to do.

In the winter, the heat is blocked from drifting right outside through the windows, keeping the premises warmer without as much output from the furnace. With energy saving commercial window film, Kansas City commercial enterprises don’t just save money on energy bills, though. They also lower their carbon footprint. This same product also blocks glare and the sun’s damaging UV rays.

By blocking glare, productivity is enhanced, especially for workers who use computer monitors. And by blocking UV rays, the interior furnishings are protected from fading. So with energy saving commercial window film, Kansas City business interiors will stay great looking longer and the need for replacement furnishings will be lessened, another savings in money over the years.

For more information about either energy saving window film or any other type of commercial window film, Kansas City or any of the surrounding suburbs, we hope you will give us a call today. We are happy to answer any questions, offer a quote for a window film job, or get your project started with our experienced sales and installation staff.