A Healthier, Happier KC Office With Window Tinting!

commercial window tinting for small business

The Key To Your Kansas City Small Businessā€™s Success: Window Tinting

Kansas City is a bustling city full of all types of businesses big and small. And as a small business owner you know it is doing nothing but growing. However, as business grows, so too does the immense weight of competition. This means you need to run a better business in order to compete and one asset to your business is the small number of skilled employees you have at your command. While you may wear a number of hats in your small business, it is your trusted employees that help keep the proverbial ship afloat. In order to keep your business running smoothly it is essential to retain these employees and one underrated but highly effective method to do this is by creating a better work environment. Window tinting is a cost effective way to do this, with a fast ROI and proven efficacy. Thatā€™s right, window tinting not only conserves energy but helps your small business protect your most valuable asset–its employees and we have outlined exactly how below.

How Does Office Window Tinting Help My Kansas City Small Business?

Better Employee Mental Health: 20 years ago if you had your office windows tinted it resulted in a dark dreary office but times and window tint have changed. Now window tint allows in abundant natural light, which is proven to positively affect your employee’s mood. This is because natural light has a calming and peaceful effect on our moods, increases alertness and speeds up metabolism. It also is a known aid in preventing depression.
Better Employee Physical Health: Window tinting blocks the harmful rays of the sun from beating down on your valuable employees. This is not just good for evening out temperature–it also keeps your employee’s skin and body healthy, meaning less risk of harm from the sun and an overall reduction in absenteeism.
More Productive Employees: When the employees in your office are free of glare from the sun and sitting in a controlled and comfortable setting studies have shown them to be more productive, which translates to profit for your small business.

Employee Retention: Window tinting is known to bring about a more productive and enjoyable office setting. Since offices are essentially a home away from home for many employees, making it as comfortable and even temperature as possible, helps you keep your valued employees working for your longer.

Since window tinting can dramatically improve the quality of life in your Kansas City office building, it makes sense that this relatively small investment should be on your radar as a small business owner. Donā€™t forget, you are an employee too–so all these benefits help you as well! Contact Window Film Kansas City today– for your employees, for yourself and to gain the competitive edge today!