Mirrored Surface Film in Restaurants For an Inexpensive Fix to Mirror Graffiti 

Salt Lake City is clean and with fairly low crime but like any thriving metropolis, graffiti is an issue here. Graffiti comes in many forms from spray paint to scratches and even acid marking. One of the most common types of graffiti is marks and scratches on mirrors in bathrooms specifically in Salt Lake City restaurants and bars. You have probably seen vandalism of this sort done with pens or scratches even in nice places. The problem with mirror graffiti is it looks ugly and gives even the most high-end hospitality spaces a bad reputation. This causes loss of business. Mirrors are also expensive to replace and must be because graffiti on mirrors won’t come off and can’t be sanded. A solution to the issue of mirror graffiti in bars, cafes, and restaurants is mirrored film.

What is Mirrored Film?

Mirrored films are pretty cool. They are basically a thick surface film with a mirrored finish that matches your existing one exactly and a powerful adhesive on the back. This type of surface film is placed over a mirror affected by graffiti to hide the damage. They also come with a host of benefits that alleviate the issue of repeat graffiti in bars and restaurant bathrooms here in Salt Lake City. 

Mirrored Films Benefits for Restaurants 

  1. Helps Maintain Your Reputations: The worst part about mirror graffiti is the effect it has on your restaurant or bar’s reputation. It looks cheap. Letting it stay on mirrors will likely affect how people view your Salt Lake City eatery. Mirrored films go on top of graffiti and exactly match your mirror’s size and the finish. After it is on, nobody will know it is even there.
  2. Less Expensive Than Replacement: Mirrors for commercial settings are incredibly expensive. This translates from the installation and the cost of purchasing it–especially custom-sized mirrors. Our mirrored surface films a much less expensive and are very easy to have installed. 
  3. Easy Installation: Mirrored films are fast and easy to get up over your graffiti. Instead of removing and replacing the damaged mirror and having the new one hung (which likely will require drywall repair too) mirrored film for graffiti simply goes on top of your existing mirror. It is an easy application process that takes about an hour.

To learn more about these amazing mirrored surface films or films for other surfaces that battle graffiti in your Salt Lake City establishment–contact us at Window Film Salt Lake City.