Energy Efficient Window Film Options for Kansas City Properties: Clear, Tinted, or Reflective?

Nowadays, energy conservation is on everyone’s mind. In an effort to combat climate change, U.S. policy makers are in the midst of creating new laws to reduce natural resource consumption and lower carbon emissions. The general public, too, has become more aware of the environmental risks of global warming and many are taking it upon themselves to adopt more eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.

One great way to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption is by installing energy efficient window film for your Kansas City property. Energy efficient window films come in many forms, including clear, tinted, and reflective options. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between each type and how to choose the right one for your property.

Energy Efficient Window Film – What Is It?

Energy efficient window film is a type of architectural product used on residential and commercial buildings. Its purpose is to improve the energy efficiency of man-made structures by boosting window performance, controlling heat, and reducing UV light transmission.

For more information, check out this brochure from our partners at 3M: 3m-energy-efficient-window-film-kansas-city

Types of Energy Efficient Film: Tinted, Clear & Reflective

Energy efficient window film comes in many forms, from frosted/decorative films that offer solar protection to dual solar/security films. However, the three main styles are tinted, clear, and reflective.

  • Tinted – These films are slightly tinted, which makes them great for controlling heat and glare. They are made with varying degrees of tint. Darker tints can provide privacy while lighter tints create an attractive aesthetic.
  • Clear – Clear films are a popular option for those who would prefer not to see their window film or alter the appearance of their windows. Though clear, they provide excellent heat and UV reduction.
  • Reflective – Reflective films have a shiny appearance like a mirror. These films provide privacy while giving windows a beautiful outward aesthetic and uniform look.

How to Choose the Right Option for your Home or Building

When choosing an energy efficient window film, Kansas City property owners should not only consider appearances, but also the functionality of the film. Think about your goals and needs. Ask yourself, will this film accomplish what I need it to? If you’re not sure, ask your window tinting technician; they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

Minimize Your Energy Consumption with Window Film

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