A better dining experience

With the installation of restaurant window film, Kansas City eating establishments can offer their customers a better dining experience. And that enhanced experience can happen in a variety of different ways.

Problem: Big plate glass windows let in too much sun, cooking customers in the summer and chilling them to the bone in winter.

Solution: With energy saving restaurant window film, Kansas Citp>restaurants can block heat gain by as much as fifty percent. (Amounts vary depending on exactly which window film you choose.) So your customers won’t be asking for a table away from the windows. And you won’t need to darken your restaurant with curtains or shades, no matter how strong the sun. As an added benefit to you, you’ll need less air conditioning to keep your patrons cool, which will save you money in the summer. And you’ll need less heat to keep them warm in the winter, which will also save you money.

Problem: You want to offer a classy dining experience, with sophisticated food and décor. But the big plate glass windows in the front of your eatery offer a not so sophisticated view of the mall or the parking lot instead. And your intimate atmosphere is tainted by the fact that every passerby in the street can stare right in.


Solution: With privacy restaurant window film, Kansas City restauranteurs can give their diners a much more exclusive feel and block a potentially distracting or unsavory view. This product comes in a variety of styles. You can choose one that will give your windows the expensive look of etched glass. And it can even be customized to add your restaurant’s name, or any other message you choose. Privacy window film can come in interesting patterns, a stained glass look, or even a mirrored finish that will be transparent from the inside out, but will not let anyone outside see in.

Problem: The sun’s glare prevents your clients from reading the screens on their cell phones, tablets, or laptops. They keep asking for a different table or pulling down the shades in the middle of the afternoon.

Solution: Anti glare window film! As the name implies, with glare reducing restaurant window film, Kansas City restaurant owners can cut glare by more than 80 percent, cutting squinting and eyestrain at the same time. This is not just great for your patrons’ dining experience, your staff will thank you as well.

If you are looking for more information or a quote for the installation of restaurant window film, Kansas City and the surrounding communities, please give us a call today. Your clients will thank you. Your staff will thank you.