3 Ways to Address Kansas City Commercial Property Code with Window Film

It’s not uncommon for buildings to fall behind with commercial property code standards. Building codes are always changing and adding new requirements. So if a property was built five or ten years ago, chances are, it’s not up to date with current standards.

Fortunately, there are a lot of easy and affordable ways you can bring your property up to date with Kansas City’s standards. With window film, you can address many structural issues without having to endure the burden of long and expensive construction.

How Window Film Can Be Used to Update Your Property

Commercial window films are actually much more versatile than people realize. Not only can they be adhered to glass, but they can also be installed on interior and exterior walls, furniture, appliances, and metal fixtures. With window film, you can update your property in many ways and improve its aesthetic appearance.

For more information on the benefits of commercial window film, check out this brochure:Ā commercial-window-film-benefits-kansas-city

3 Ways Window Film Can Address Commercial Property Codes

Keeping your property up to date with commercial property codes helps keep it safe. By maintaining compliance with building codes, you reduce the risk of having a serious accident or injury occur on your premises. Here’s three ways you can use window film to keep your Kansas City property up to date:

1. Secure high risk glass areas and window panes.

Skylights, ceiling glass, and other high risk areas need to be secured well in order to keep them from falling out and breaking. By using a combination of window film and an attachment system, you can fasten glass panes in place and reduce risks of associated hazards.

2. Update the energy efficiency of your building.

Many cities are started to enact building codes that require properties to meet a certain level of energy efficiency. Window films can be used to improve the insulation of buildings so that they meet these new requirements.

3. Reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Tempered glass is often required for areas with a high risk of slip and falls. Glass located near a pool, staircase, bathroom, or drinking fountain can be reinforced with security window films that accomplish the same task as tempered glass.

Bring Your Property Up to Date with Modern Building Codes!

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