Keep The Glare Out Of Your Windows & Save Money With Window Film


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A Case Study On The Benefits of Window Film

Kansas City rises out of the unbroken prairie lines like a misshapen shark’s fin in a sea of grass. With nothing around it to shield it from the elements, the wind whips, the rain pelts and the sun shines with magnificent force even on the mildest days in KC. As window film installers in the Kansas City area, we know the plights of the residents of this sun-baked city. We know the struggle to curb the sun’s intense rays is real and, we know how to end it. The case study below shows how a relatively low-cost investment on the windows of your home office, school, hospital or other exposed structure can free you from the sun’s glare and make a positive impact in your environment.

SITUATION: A condo owner on the top floor of a Minneapolis high-rise building, loved the views of all area greenery and the “chain of lakes”. However, because of the direction and the height of her condo, her patio doors got direct sunlight during the morning and evening. This made the adjoining sitting room much too hot to relax in and homeowner found herself covering most of the furniture to keep if fading in the sun.

SOLUTION: The condo owner decided to make a home improvement update to help shade her from the harmful the sun. Drapes or shades were her initial idea but she soon realized her beautiful view would be obfuscated with those. A colleague referred her to 3M Prestige Window Film that uses nanotechnology to reject infrared light while still being completely opaque.

RESULT: The job only took a couple of hours for the installer to complete and the results were fabulous! The condo owner loved the sharp look of the film and the muted feel of the sun coming through it. She went so far as to say “Right after the installation, I sat in the chair next to the window that used to get so uncomfortably hot. It was the middle of the day, and I could hardly feel any heat at all. I’ve been in homes with window film where you can tell that the film is on there because they’re really reflective and dark. This Prestige window film is so subtle that you can’t even tell it’s on there.”

The Best Window Tinter In Kansas City

Our customers here in Kansas City echo the same sentiment about their window film experience. It is amazing what technology can do for our everyday living! In fact, not only does window block the sun and even the temperature out in your home, it also acts as installation, saving you money on your utility bill and paying for itself in as little as 5 years. To find out more about the cutting edge nanotechnology of 3M Prestige Window Film or to schedule a free estimate on your home or office windows contact us today!